Pros and Cons of Agriculture Technology — Honest Pros and Cons

Understanding the Agriculture Technology

Agricultural yields were modest but stable. Agriculture depends on resources beneath the ground and above it, recycling of organic matter, rainfall patterns.

Pros Of Agriculture Technology

The climate is the main factor where it’s unpredictable, sometimes everything goes well and the crops are finest at its peak and sometimes full drought and climate seem to be the obstacle itself. Without the right tools and knowledge, productivity can be hampered and farmers left counting losses.

3. Centre Pivot Irrigation

The pivot is one of the modern irrigation systems used in agriculture to make better use of water resources, particularly in arid regions of high culture. They are capable of operating on more uneven terrain than are most other irrigation systems.

4. Safer Growing Conditions And Safer Foods

Control pests with the help of synthetic chemicals (Pesticides, Insecticides, etc). Through the use of satellite imagery and drones, agriculture technology is adding value to farming through the use of hyperspectral imaging used to detect diseases, pests, and weeds.

Cons Of Agriculture Technology

When irrigated soils do not have sufficiently good drainage, they become waterlogged and when the water evaporates, the salts contained in the soil are dragged to the surface.

3. Excessive Use of Fertilizers and Pesticides

Excessive use of fertilizers and pesticides to yield more and fast crops before time. It not only affects the crops but also the people and surrounding as it pollutes water and damage human health.



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