iMac G3: The Macintosh That Saved Apple

August 1998: The Bondi-Colored Savior

January 1999: The Five Flavors

October 1999: Slot-Loading iMacs

July 2000: Summer 2000 iMacs

February 2001: Early 2001 iMacs

July 2001: Summer 2001 iMacs

In July 2001, Apple revved the iMac G3 for the last time.

The Final Chapter

In January 2002, with the release of the iMac G4, Apple re-arranged the iMac G3 line, keeping it for sale for a short time.


It’s hard to overstate the importance of the iMac G3. The iMac G3 ushered Apple in to the future, and on its translucent back, Steve Jobs rebuilt the company. While it was already under early development when Jobs returned to Apple, he took the project and made it the single machine he would re-launch the Macintosh family with. Before the iMac G3, Apple had numerous, conflicting product lines, and afterwards, just a handful of complementary ones.



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