Four Important Facts About Police Cameras

Sahas Dahal
2 min readNov 30, 2020

Police officers have a responsibility to serve and protect, keeping the interests and safety of the citizens in mind while doing so. There has been an increasing debate in popular media about the accountability and duty of the police force in the United States. Because of this, police cameras have become increasingly important to the police force. Here are four important facts to know:

FACT NO. 1: Police utilize two types of camera systems When on duty, police officers utilize two types of cameras: dash cameras, which are in car video recorder for police vehicles, or body cameras. At the moment, 72% of all highway patrol cars are equipped with these dash cameras and a recent survey revealed that 75% of all individuals in the police force utilize body cameras present.

FACT NO. 2: Police cameras are becoming increasingly popular In fact, within the next decade, they will likely become the norm. As a need for accountability, transparency and true justice increases among both individuals in the police force and the masses, the technology is projected to increase in incidence by as much as one third by 2016.

FACT NO. 3: Body cameras may cause better performance. According to limited research, the use of body cameras may cause better behavior among both officers and citizens. In fact, a survey conducted by PoliceOne and TASER International among 785 various state, federal, and local law enforcement officials discovered that an overwhelming 85% of officers who wore body cameras helped to reduce claims of alleged police misconduct.

FACT NO. 4: Different cameras perform different functions. While both kinds of police cameras provide different means of accountability for both officers and civilians, they can also be handy for crimes, such as traffic violations, and help clarify obfuscated situations such as car accidents. Any comments or questions of your own? Let us know in the comments below.

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