Difference Between Scripting Language and Programming Languages

Difference Between Scripting Language and Programming Languages


By definition, a Programming Language is a language that feeds the computer a set of instructions to generate a certain output.


An important point to consider when categorizing any language as scripting or programming is the environment in which the language is going to be executed.


There are five subcategories under programming language. They are


When it comes to coding using any programming language, it generally takes a longer time compared to when coding using a scripting language. This is because when using a programming language, the lines of code that need to be written are almost always a lot even for a single function whereas when using a scripting language, a few short and specific lines will get the job done.


There are several different areas of application for a scripting language and a programming language. They have been listed below:

  • A scripting language can be used to automate certain tasks in a program
  • It can also be used to extract information from a data set
  • It is less concentrated in code as compared to other traditional programming languages
  • A programming language usually runs inside a parent program like scripts
  • It is more compatible when code needs to be integrated with mathematical models
  • Languages like JAVA can be compiled and then used on any platform


Now that we have looked at the differences between scripting languages and programming languages, it will be easier to pick which one is for you.



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