6 interesting augmented reality facts you need to read now

Augmented reality is the overlaying of digital information (such as videos, graphics and images) onto the real world. It is a way to seamlessly integrate the digital and non-digital in a way that is engaging and exciting. Since starting at Ads Reality, I see opportunities to use AR pretty much daily — just the other night I thought how good it would be to have AR on my son’s dinosaur book. I really have no idea how to pronounce the dinosaur names, a quick scan of the dinosaur to tell me how to say its name would be really helpful!

We are hearing more and more about AR. We are seeing more examples of AR every day (Apple CEO Tim Cook has said that over 1,000 AR based Apps have been created so far) and the vast majority of people have come across AR, even if they don’t really know what it is. They have certainly heard of Pokemon Go.

So, what else do we know about augmented reality, other than Pokemon Go? Here are 6 of my favourite facts about AR

Augmented reality fact one: AR has been around for a while

Augmented reality fact two: There are a LOT of AR startups & it keeps growing

Augmented reality fact three: NASA was an early adopter of AR

Augmented reality fact four: The AR game ‘Pokemon Go’ increased Nintendo’s stock prices by 23%

Augmented reality fact five: You have probably come across or used AR without even realising it

Augmented reality fact six: The term ‘augmented reality’ was coined in 1990

I would love to hear of any other facts that you have about augmented reality. Share your facts with us at @ads_reality with the hashtag #AdsARFact

Originally published at http://adsreality.com on November 14, 2017.