50 Interesting Internet Explorer Facts You Can't-Miss

It all started with a small team.

Internet Explorer 1 had the codename “O’Hare”.

Internet Explorer 2 sought to emulate Netscape Navigator.

Version 3.0 was Microsoft’s big break.

Internet Explorer was a key player in the browser wars.

It was once one of the most widely-used browsers.

Microsoft made Internet Explorer difficult to uninstall.

Some websites can only be viewed in Internet Explorer.

Microsoft got in trouble for bundling Internet Explorer with Windows 95.

It played a role on why web browsers are free.

Microsoft was sued for unlawful monopoly because of Internet Explorer.

Internet Explorer 4 still had lots of users 11 years after its release.

It apparently had a hidden Easter egg.

Some Microsoft employees dumped an Internet Explorer logo in front of Netscape’s building.

Microsoft spent a lot of resources on Internet Explorer.

Internet Explorer popularized favicons.

Internet Explorer was available on various devices.

It gained another competitor by 2004.

There is a law in South Korea that requires people to use Internet Explorer for e-commerce.

It had some significant security issues.

Internet Explorer has an official anime mascot.

It took five years for Internet Explorer 7 to come out.

Internet Explorer 8 struggled to keep up with competition.

An online retailer in Australia implemented an “Internet Explorer 7 tax”.

Microsoft made a video poking fun at Internet Explorer.

Internet Explorer 9 was actually efficient.

Google Chrome overtook Internet Explorer in 2012.

Internet Explorer 11’s performance was on par with Google Chrome.

Microsoft Edge will take the place of Internet Explorer.

The final version to be released is Internet Explorer 11.



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