13 Advantages and Disadvantages of Huawei Smartphones

Advantages of Huawei Smartphones

1. Brilliant Camera

Eventually, the camera class of Huawei smartphones seems to be escalating. For an instance, the new pro is ahead of S10. Galaxy S10 has three cameras on the back and two on the front while Huawei p30 Pro tops the chase with four cameras on the back and one on the front. Huawei p30

2. Fast Charging Features

The hottest Huawei phones offer you the 22.5W fast charging options enabling you to experience a wholesome journey with the smartphone with a bare minimum amount of hassle you’d have to face with the voluminous time consumption on charging the phone.

3. One Among the First Folding Smartphones

Huawei is one among the first makers of the folding smartphones which is grabbing the interest of mobile seekers. It is the world’s fastest 5G foldable phone which has only just won GSMA’s “Best New Connected Mobile Device” at Mobile World Congress 2019.

4. Masters Core Technologies

Huawei masters core technologies assemble its own products, manages key spots in the industry succession and is autonomous. The highlighted EMUI quality is developed to save your battery and make it last longer. Huawei also offers you security patch updates each month. These could be enough reasons to process the fact that people are willing to trade their iPhones for Androids.

5. Budget-Friendly Options

Huawei offers you with best options in all range of budgets which is a notable reason for you to shoot your shot and select the best options at reasonable prices. It comes with a good processor in this price category that delivers a satisfactory presentation in all uses. You can have the facility to expand your storage capacity since it supports the installation of an external memory card.

6. Good Battery Life

The GUI is clean and the battery life is amazingly good so it operates smoothly.

7. Decent Models

Huawei smartphones are very good with the latest models. The innovative Huawei, Y 7 a. was formally announced on October 21, 2020. With polished craftsmanship and fine coating, the HU AWEI, Y 7 a’s stylish look united with curved edges offers an easy touch in your hands.

Disadvantages of Huawei Smartphones

1. Doesn’t Support Google Play Services

In contrast to the earlier times, the Huawei phones do not maintain google play services. Due to the company’s unending complexities with the US government, Huawei phones aren’t making use of google services which denotes no Google play store for apps and no support for services such as Gmail, YouTube, Maps or the Chrome browser.

2. Heavy Weight

Compared to other phones distributed by the contenders, the weight of the Huawei smartphones might be a little bit heavy.

3. No Screen Protection

There is no safeguard layer on the screen or even any added features as usual phones of this contemporary sort. This can be a big turn off for potential consumers.

4. Difficult to Obtain External Memory

The subsequent connection chip must be allotted with if external memory is installed. Even the kind of external memory that the phone supports is not extensive and you will find it hard to obtain it.

5. Issues with the New Operating System

Given that android apps aren’t supported you cannot share apps amid android and harmony operating system. For a variety of reasons, security is a matter of concern. The US has been blaming the new OS about its protection stipulation. Possibilities are that the chief companies from the US will turn down the deal to work on this platform.



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