11 Pros and Cons of Free Healthcare — Honest Pros and Cons

Free healthcare is the social influencing concept where everyone deserves the right to seek a healthy life whatever their economic or social status occurs to be.

Whether you admit it or not, the healthcare system has become a multibillion-dollar worth business that solely targets extracting money from people. Even when a cure to numerous diseases has been found, numerous patients are, simply, left helpless due to economic restraints. As a result, few countries started the provision of free healthcare services to eliminate the unfairness.

The strategy of the free healthcare system is to ensure that every citizen, from any socio-economic background, has proper access to health services at a minimal cost or no cost at all. The free healthcare system has a remarkable impact on the overall socio and economic environment of the nation.

These services are run by the government through payroll taxes you pay. Even though, every citizen gets access to health facilities, implementing it can degrade the quality of service provided instead.

A Brief History of Free Healthcare

Then in 1911, U.K passed the National insurance act but it only provided primary healthcare. Finally, in 1912, Norway introduced free healthcare to Yemen where a conflict was raging and made it impossible for international relief agencies to provide health care services. After World war II, numerous countries including Sweden, Canada, Denmark implemented the new system where the government covered the finance.

Pros and Cons of free Healthcare

What are the Advantages of Free Healthcare?

1. Free Health Care Lowers Costs

2. Free Healthcare Eliminates Unnecessary Competition

3. Free Healthcare Lowers Administrative Expenses

4. Free Healthcare Improves Child Health

5. Free Healthcare Boosts the Economy

6. Free Healthcare Saves Lives

Cons of Free Healthcare

1. Free Healthcare Prioritizes Chronic Diseases

2. Free Healthcare Can Degrade Quality of Service

3. Free Healthcare Makes People Irresponsible

4. Free Healthcare Takes Most of the Government’s Budget

5. Free Healthcare Results in Longer Waiting Period


However, there are oppositions too who claim otherwise. It cannot be denied that free healthcare, also, degrades the quality of service and makes people less concerned about their health.

Originally published at https://honestproscons.com on March 16, 2020.