11 Advantages and Disadvantages of PS5

Advantages and Disadvantages of PS5

PS5, PlayStation 5, is the successor of PS4 in the PlayStation series. It is also a home video gaming console, which was announced in 2019 for the first time. PS5 came with some next-level features over the existing PS4 and is likely a significant upgrade from PS4.

Advantages of PS5

The PS5 is an excellent gaming console that offers an exciting next-gen gaming experience. The P5 is a super powerful and well-designed gaming console.

1. Powerful Tech

The PS5 comes with the most promising technology. Speed, performance, and resolution are the major qualities of the PS5 that are worth praising. With the introduction of SSD in PS5, its performance speed is greatly improved than disk-based consoles.

2. Controller

The controller in PS5, better known as DualSense Gamepad, is packed with some top-notch features which are likely to improve the gameplay to a great extent. Though the basic layout of the controller is similar to the DualShock 4, however, DualSense has the superior build quality and some added features as well.

3. Faster SSD

The previous versions of PlayStation don’t have SSD as their storage unit, but PS5 introduced a custom SSD feature. It is one of the reasons behind PS5’s high performance. The PS5 comes with a custom SSD, which offers a read bandwidth of 5.5 gigs per second, which is fast in comparison to other gaming consoles.

4. Backward Compatibility

The company stated that more than 99 per cent of games available on PS4 could be playable on PS5. You definitely would not need a PS4 once you get a PS5.

5. Exclusives

One of the main reasons to buy PS5 is because of its exclusives, the games which you cannot play anyplace else. It is the biggest advantage of PlayStation over X-box.

6. PlayStation Plus

PS Plus is a subscription service from PlayStation, which will give you access to around 20 games from the PS4 catalogue. The Playstation Plus games also include first-party games like God of War and Bloodborne alongside third-party favourites like Persona 5 and Fallout 4.

7. Graphics and Resolution

PS5 comes with graphical fidelity technology, which advances the resolution of the game to a whole new level.PS5 supports 4K video output at 120 hertz and also 8k resolution. In PS5, Sony significantly increased clock speed as well as the number of computing units.

8. Allows Streaming

Game consoles can do more than just playing video games: the newest consoles also feature video streaming. PS5 supports dozens of streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Apple TV, etc. You could enjoy late-night movies, watch sports, TV shows, and various other things as well.

Disadvantages of PS5

1. Limited Storage

The size of the video games is pretty big, and most of the video games take up to 100GB of system storage. So there might be a problem with the storage system as it only offers 825 GB of storage.

3. Not Fully Backward Compatible

PS5 is backward compatible with PS4 and very few games from PlayStation Now. It can play almost all, around 99% PS4 games. There are few games that are not backward compatible with PS5 hence cannot be played using PS5. But what if someone wants to play an old game? Accessing your old PS4 games is almost impossible on PlayStation 5.

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