10 Advantages and Disadvantages of Xbox

Advantages of Xbox

Following are some of the benefits of owning an Xbox console.

1. Microsoft Cloud

Xbox consoles utilize the benefit of the resources of cloud computing and deliver its user with the complete subsidy of the services of Microsoft cloud. With this function, gamers can achieve unlimited services of cloud storage. Along with that, the gamers can link their account to their One Drive account.

2. Dependable

Multiplayer services in the Xbox console like Xbox one are highly reliable than its predecessor that delivers the gamers with greater power of computing. One is able to utilize the performance mode and play games in the Xbox console that would greatly enhance their gaming experience.

3. Easy Upgrade

In the sector of size, there is an exponential enhancement in the storage drives, chiefly due to the increasing sizes of the games. Due to this, there is a need for the provision of the privilege of upgrading the storage as per the need. While other gaming consoles require you to consult the specialist for that purpose, in the Xbox console, you can simply upgrade the storage without the risk of breaking anything.

4. Friendly UI

The Xbox consoles offer its users ease of operation through the provision of an interface that is user friendly. These consoles comprise the distinct mixer, entertainment, community, store, and home tab. Because of this, gamers can easily pin their beloved games on the home screen, making it simpler and faster to access.

5. Kinetic Sensor

With the provision of kinetic sensors in the Xbox console following the launch of the Xbox One, users are able to experience much-refined performance and interface than ever before. With this function, gamers are able to experience enhanced motion tracking, and boasted gesture and voice controls.

Cons of Xbox

Following are some of the drawbacks of owning an Xbox console.

1. Compromised Privacy

The recording of the users’ facial detection and heart rate emotional data update with the application of the next-gen Kinect and storing of those data in the servers of Microsoft compromises the privacy of the users.

2. Slowdowns

The interface of the current Xbox consoles like Xbox one comprises of the problem of being extremely slow at certain times. With the enabling of the mode called, “instant on,” there is a high risk for the console to slowdown eventually while gaming, leading to game crashes.

3. Improper Storage Administration

Xbox consoles have indecorous storage organization where, as per the claim of Microsoft, the console automatically detects the need for deleting the locally stored data on uninstalling a game. However, this function only removes some files that have the lease size. Users cannot just pull up a storage menu for attaining the information of the files to be removed.

4. Costly

Unlike several other consoles of gaming, Xbox consoles cost a fortune, which not every individual with a gaming desire can afford. Also, unlike PC, these consoles are just for playing games, and hence not everyone can pay around $500 for something they might use just for some months or years.

5. Bulky

The bulky size of the Xbox console is something many find unappealing, as its size limits its placement and storage options. Determining an area for placing it besides the television is extremely difficult as it will require a definite amount of space to be seated safely and might also diminish the looks of the entire table.


To summarize, Xbox consoles have been providing gamers with a realistic experience of the virtual world that is addictive. Along with that, the facilities like unlimited cloud storage, rigid and robust body are some plus points to its performance and quality.



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